Jun 16 16

Why write a Will?


If you don’t have a Will, don’t panic. You are actually in the majority of the population. According to a recent survey approximately 60% of the population don’t have a Will. There are many reasons why people put it off. Some think they don’t have much to leave or think it’s something to do when you are older. For others the thought of writing a Will is depressing and the decisions that need to be made are daunting.

However the benefits far outweigh the problems and having a Will in place can be quite liberating and give you peace of mind that the people you care about will be looked after when you are gone.

You decide who benefits from your Will

When you die, and unfortunately it will happen, if you haven’t made the decision about who will benefit from your estate, then someone else will and there are rules that govern this. These are the rules of intestacy and much of this depends on the value of your estate and whether you have surviving children or relatives. In all likelihood these rules will not reflect your wishes so it is best to get it written down in the form of a Will.

Look after your dependants

You can make proper arrangements for people who are dependent on you in some way and who could otherwise make claims against your estate.

Protect your partner if you are unmarried