Apr 5 17

Cap Rising Funeral Costs

Roger Wastnedge

Over recent years’ funerals have outgrown inflation and become very expensive, with the average cost of a basic service reaching £3,600 (SafeHands 2016). In 2004 the average cost of a funeral was £1,920 whereas now it is £3,693 – a whopping 92% increase.

Sadly, this means traditional funeral budgeting may no longer be sufficient to cover the cost and as a result many people are opting for a prepaid funeral.

Contemplating the future, Wills and Funerals

A pre-paid funeral plan not only freezes the cost of a funeral at today’s prices but it makes it easier on your loved ones should you pass away suddenly. It also allows you to have your say as to whether you want to be buried or cremated, and the details of your funeral which may be important to you.

Each of your wishes can be discussed and finalised with a funeral director, who will deliver a service that matches your requests. You can pay upfront or in instalments. One benefit of this arrangement is that you cover the total cost of the funeral director’s fees and services, however expensive a funeral has become when you pass away.

Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan is one of the most effective ways to protect your loved ones from rising costs – call us today and we can talk you through the options or make an appointment to come and see you.