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Creating a Living Will

A Living Will documents what you would like to happen should you become so ill or incapacitated that you are unable to speak for yourself.

It allows you to decide what medical care or treatment you should receive such as refusing or insisting upon certain treatments.

This will ensure that should you have strong wishes about certain treatments or have been diagnosed with a terminal or degenerative illness you have peace of mind knowing the care you will be given will reflect your wishes.
This is often written in consultation with your GP and of course there are ethical and legal issues to consider.

Arranging your funeral

Pre-planning your own or a loved one’s funeral is not something we often want to sit down and discuss, but it could be one of the most generous gifts you make. When your family and friends are grieving, knowing the funeral is in place can ease the stress. Not only this you can take care of the financial burden and there are various Funeral Plans on the market  so that you pay at today’s prices.

Your wishes can be incorporated into your Will or written out in a separate document which is then signed and dated. Of course the advantage of this is that you can decide how you want to be remembered. Whatever you decide Border Wills can advise you on how to incorporate your wishes into your Will.

If you would like to talk further about Living Wills or arranging your own funeral then please contact Border Wills on 0151-559 0695 or email roger@borderwills.co.uk